Introducing VEEVUM SYNC, the latest addition to our renowned VEEVUM SERIES.

 VEEVUM SYNC instruments utilize audio loops that seamlessly sync to your HOST tempo.

With a wide range of sound sources including pulses, riffs, phrases, rhythms, arpeggios, sparse melodies, and effects, you’ll have endless possibilities for creating captivating music.

VEEVUM SYNC loops can be sliced into randomized orders or organized according to preset patterns.

Alternatively, you have the flexibility to define your own order for a truly personalized experience.

Experience the power of synced loops that effortlessly match your HOST tempo or choose from double speed or half speed options.

Take your music production to new heights with VEEVUM SYNC.
5 / 5

Each of these libraries is incredibly deep and absolutely packed to the brim with incredible sounds and ridiculous features for the price. I am consistently blown away by the uniqueness and depth of their products, and the fact they are so packed with content while maintaining an affordable price point. If you … enjoy unique soundscapes and playable textures, do yourself a favor and check out Veevum… from Audiofier!

VEEVUM SYNC introduces rhythmic loops that can be effortlessly manipulated and performed using our renowned VEEVUM engine and its exceptional playing modes.

With its characteristic HONEYCOMB sound structure, this collection grants you access to an infinite array of loop combinations, guaranteeing to infuse your music with vibrant movement and exhilaration.

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