Fast, creative, unpredictable ways to arrange your music… in a click.

The collection of loops and sequences in this diverse array of instruments is an invaluable resource for musicians and composers alike.

With its wide range of instrumental rhythms, melodies, arpeggios, and riffs, these elements harmonize seamlessly with one another.

Whether you need embellishments, rhythm sections, articulated arpeggiations, or loop combinations, you’ll find everything you need to fuel your creativity in this exceptional collection.

The best rhythm machine I have come across, with a stunningly comprehensive collection of sounds and rhythms. All for a price significantly less than all of the other rhythm VST’s that I have bought (only to see them spend the remaining of their life in the ‘never gets opened again’ bottom draw). Pragmabeat is a keeper, and looks to be the first rhythm solution I will boot up.

Albert Moon, KVR review

I was really impressed on how powerful it is. It is really a beautiful multi-instrument. And the interaction of all these sounds intermingling with each other is really cool.

Tetrality is a very powerful 4 zone performance virtual instrument for Kontakt. Bringing together 20 beautifully recorded instruments and pairing them with a very advanced arpeggiator engine, Tetrality is sure to bring inspiration to your next arrangement.

Simeon Amburgey, Praisetracks

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