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Pre-purchase questions

Beside the main library artwork picture in each library’s page, we you’ll see what Kontakt version is required for that specific library. Bear in mind, at the moment no Audiofier library will work with Kontakt Player.
Locate the library you want to purchase and proceed as to make a full purchase. You will see the FASTSPRING POP UP CART appearing. The first field is the coupon files where you can paste your coupon.
After you made your purchase through our site, a pop up will appear with instructions and a redemption key to be used with PULSE DOWNLOADER. You will also receive the same info via email from FASTSPRING. Check your SPAM folder if you did not see it in your inbox.
Well done and thank you for your loyalty. From time to time we receive emails from loyal customers, wondering if they can receive a discount on a specific instrument after buying so many libraries from Audiofier. The chance is, if you own a few libraries from a specific instrument series, you will have received a loyalty discount code when a new library of the same series is released. If you have not, please contact us. We will approach it on a case by case basis. It’s not guaranteed, but you never know, there is no harm in asking :-)
Unfortunately no, we don’t produce demo versions of our products. It might change in the future, but at the moment we don’t. The reasons are many…
With the new FASTSPRING POP UP CART, the VAT field can be filled in with your VAT number.
If you have bought one of our libraries form a third party shop like AudioPluginDeals or BestService, JRR, Audiodeluxe etc. please visit the REDEEM PAGE which explains how to redeem your product.

Installation questions

Please go to the Redeem page to see the detailed instructions on how to download and install with PULSE DOWNLOADER.
Snapshots are now installed automatically by PULSE DOWNLOADER.
If you need to locate the snapshots, go to the following path:Mac OS Snapshots Folder:
System Drive/Users//Documents/Native Instruments/UserContent/Kontakt/PC Snapshots Folder:
C:UsersDocumentsNative InstrumentsUser ContentKontakt
Pulse is the industry standard for downloading, installing, updating, buying and managing your sample libraries – all in one place. Download at blazing fast speeds and retain access to your products forever.

The code starting with XM or APD  is NOT a serial number and it is not a PULSE KEY; it is a voucher to be used to re-purchase the library in this page   at no cost, so you will receive the actual PULSE code to install your library.

All other questions

Audiofier libraries work only with the Full Paid retail version of Kontakt. They will not work with Kontakt Player. The only reason why DEMO MODE is showing is that the library has been loaded in Kontakt Player. The solution is to install and open Audiofier libraries in the Full Paid retail version of Kontakt.
This is an issue that often can be solved in several ways. The library manual includes a paragraph for Windows users, which deals with the Antivirus trying to scan every single sample at boot. To avoid that, it is suggested to add to the anti-virus exclusions all the files used in the library. Therefore: NKI,NKC,NKR,WAV,NKW,NKSM. Moreover the drive where the library is located will have to be included in the “exclusions”

For Mac and Windows users, also a batch reserve is suggested, for libraries that have a very high count of samples. Batch resave procedure is included in Kontakt’s manual.

Currently all Audiofier’s libraries only work on the Full Retail Kontakt version and won’t require any Native Instruments serial number. Just load them in the Full Retail Kontakt plugin or standalone app.

If you are referring to the PULSE CODE, you will find it in an email sent by FASTSPRING when you purchased the library.

If you are referring to a folder inside the main library folder, then you will not find it there. PULSE DOWNLOADER installs the presets and moves them to the correct path automatically. If you need to find it, follow the path:

Mac OS Snapshots Folder:
System Drive/Users//Documents/Native Instruments/UserContent/Kontakt/

PC Snapshots Folder:
C:UsersDocumentsNative InstrumentsUser ContentKontakt

Sometimes PULSE will not install the presets if the PC configuration is not “standard” or if the document folder is in the “cloud”. Please open PULSE and go to preferences. Click on the LOGS tab and collect the LOG files. Forward them to with your query. They will be happy to assist you.

Also read further info here.

At the moment, Riffendium REV DI comes without presets. The reason is: in all others Riffendium versions the parameters for each preset are set taking in consideration what Guitar Amp is used and what effect is added to it. For the REV versions specifically, the resulting preset parameters are heavily dependent on the the starting sampled sound (amp, crunch, distortion etc…) and the sequences which include reversed sounds are composed while hearing the resulting sound and all the pieces of the puzzle are quite intertwined.

REV DI versions presets and sequences will have to be made while an AMP simulator (Guitar Rig, Bias Amp, Amplitube etc..) is added after Riffendium, and of course it would be impossible for us to foresee which amp simulator each user owns, and how he intends to use it, and consequently do all presets for each possible choice.
Custom presets for all REV DI version will have to be made by the user.
Another option is to copy and paste REV version’s snapshots in REV DI’s snapshot folder, deactivate all pedals effects (chorus reverb etc…) and the cabinet (choose the last option in the cabinet menu, “NO CABINET”), then insert an Amp simulator and add effects like reverbs/delays etc…

There are many tutorial and quick tips videos in Audiofier’s Youtube channel. Click here
Unfortunately our EULA forbids the re-sale of our products.
In order to become a BETA TESTER you need to be very observational and curious. You need to have some time at your disposal to really check the library in different scenarios. We have a small team of Beta testers at the moment, and it’s always good to have one more. Notice that we don’t pay beta testers for their time. All they get is a copy of our libraries. A beta tester must not share the library with anyone, or use it commercially before it is officially released, or even speak about it to mates or in forums or blogs. Once a beta tester has been “working” reliably on one library and decides to continue the testing for future instruments, he will receive all our products perpetually as a recompense.
Yes! And no. Firstly we would need to know more about your experience and skills as a music composer/producer. A demo is not just about doing a nice piece of music, but it’s more like showing off the potential of the Library without burying it in effects and layers that will make it unrecognisable. You may send us links to your work and if we like what we hear, you will receive a NFR version of the library and you can get to work on your demo. No other recompense will be offered.
Yes!!! If we don’t know your reviews channel or website already, please send us a link and info. We will take it from there.

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