Welcome to our highly regarded collection of editable loops in our instrument library.

With Riffendium, you have the ability to arrange instrument parts utilizing articulation slices derived from authentic performances. By randomizing loop slices, you can generate entirely new melodies, riffs, or accompaniments with astonishingly lifelike outcomes.


5 / 5

Audiofier has created a winner with Riffendium.It is simply the most customizable guitar loop library I have ever used. The interface is straight-forward and looks great, and the whole thing just sounds fantastic.

Riffendium is a fantastic collection of customizable guitar loops that cover almost any genre.

The good news is that Riffendium sounds fantastic!

Riffendium has expanded my musical horizons and just might be the thing that leads me in a whole new direction. How much more can you ask from an instrument?

5 / 5

Riffendium series will be rewarded with excellent sounding instruments for realistic guitar phrases, riffs and phrases. The possibilities to adjust the loops and the sound are remarkable, so that you can also create a complete guitar accompaniment for a song based on one of the inspiring presets. Gripping hybrid sounds and experimental textures also succeed with flying colors.


Articulations Sequencer

Create unique custom loops with the help of RIFFENDIUM’s articulations sequencer. By using real performances for the articulations, the end result will always have the authentic sound of a skilled guitarist playing a new guitar part.

No more repetitive and monotonous loops. These loops are full of life!

Stale loops often fail to align with your music chords, resulting in robotic repetition. However, RIFFENDIUM’s loops seamlessly follow your chords as they were originally recorded in various major and minor shapes (and beyond). With Round Robins incorporated into RIFFENDIUM’s loops, each cycle will produce a slightly different sound, mimicking an actual guitar performance.


Instant Double Track

With just a simple press of a button, you can instantly bring forth a double track guitar on the right side of the stereo spectrum, complete with its own chain of specialized Effect Pedals and adjustable volume. But this is no ordinary stereoizer effect. It goes beyond that by offering an entire library of fresh samples that truly capture the unique sound you’re after – providing an authentic double track experience.

Pedals, Speakers and Effects

 You’ll have access to the raw Amp Output signal and multiple cabinet simulations to fine-tune your sound. Furthermore, if you prefer, you can bypass RIFFENDIUM’s speaker simulations and utilize your favorite Cabinet impulse responses. On top of all that, there are 4 distortion effects, 4 modulation effects, along with a master delay and reverb to further customize your sound palette.

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