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Blent Series

The Blent Series is a collection of instruments [...]

Blent Series2024-06-06T10:14:12+00:00

Veevum Sync

Introducing VEEVUM SYNC, the latest addition to our renowned VEEVUM [...]

Veevum Sync2023-10-05T14:22:25+00:00

Veevum Series

VEEVUM is a growing series of Ambient and Cinematic [...]

Veevum Series2023-02-10T12:56:12+00:00

Riffendium Series

Welcome to our highly regarded collection of editable loops in [...]

Riffendium Series2023-10-05T14:27:34+00:00

Ambient Series

The Ambient Series is a truly innovative collection of instruments [...]

Ambient Series2023-10-05T14:15:46+00:00


The DRAMASCORE SERIES represents Audiofier's premier selection of sample libraries [...]


Ensemble Makers

Fast, creative, unpredictable ways to arrange your music... in a [...]

Ensemble Makers2023-10-05T14:29:37+00:00


RANDOMISERS SERIES is a themed sample library collection for [...]

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