Veevum One

Veevum One

LoFi 30khz/15khz Cinematic Sampling



FORMAT: Kontakt Library (5.8.1 or above)

SIZE: 5.37Gb Ncw Compressed

FILES: 4232 Audio Samples

Requires Kontakt's full retail version. It will not work with the free Kontakt Player

Sounds And Presets Installation requires PULSE DOWNLOADER


Introducing Veevum One

The HoneyComb Style Ambient/Cinematic Instrument


is the first member of VEEVUM SERIES. Its sound sources have been meticulously multisampled using the iconic Roland s-50 sampler which famously retains an incredible bass frequency content even when
a sample is stretched all the way on the keyboard.

Fifty sound sources have been sampled at 15khz sampling rate, to retain the nostalgic Lo-Fi sound of the Roland S-50. Other fifty were sampled at 30khz, giving the highest sampling rate offered by the S-50 sampler, yet retaining its distinctive character.

VEEVUM is a growing series of Ambient and Cinematic instruments for modern producers and composers.

With Veevum’s unique “honeycomb style” interface you will focus more on the sound relying more on your ears than your sight to look for that specific sound you had in mind.
With Veevum you will realise you will spend less time in searching for the sounds through endless lists of meaningless sound names, and pay more attention to what each sound actually sounds like.

Unique Sound Generation

VEEVUM’s sound sources (100 per instrument) can be selected using the Cells Beehive (Honeycomb), or can be randomised. They can also be filtered according to several categories which are specific for each instrument. The whole patch can be randomised as well, including effects, portamento and unison features.

Arpeggiator and Step Effects

VEEVUM hosts an arpeggiator which in conjunction with the RANDOM playing mode will generate sequences of notes, triggering different sounds every time. Also VEEVUM sports a Step Volume and a Step Filter effects.


VEEVUM features an Ornamento engine which generates additional notes according to user predefined intervals. Useful to spice up arpeggiations, or to enrich static sustaining pads. The added notes can be quantised to scale with the Scale Manager, to avoid out of key intervals.

Playing Modes

When the sound sources are chosen (up to 50 at once), they can be played in several ways: RANDOM will select a different sound source per played note, STACK will play all sound sources at once (FULL STACK) or will distribute all chosen sound sources in the keyboard (SPREAD STACK). FULL STACK also can crossfade each sound source with individual volume Lfo’s to create evolving textures (STACK CURVE MODE).

Convolver and Random Effects

VEEVUM includes the ever present Convolver with unique Impulse Responses which dramatically change the sounds characteristics. A special Convolver will be active on specific notes when the Random FX feature is activated.

More features

VEEVUM also includes Portamento, up to 6 voices unison, Pitch LFO’s and Volume AHDSR (per sound or per patch), Delay, Reverb, Phaser, Rotator effects and more…

5 / 5

Each of these libraries is incredibly deep and absolutely packed to the brim with incredible sounds and ridiculous features for the price. I am consistently blown away by the uniqueness and depth of their products, and the fact they are so packed with content while maintaining an affordable price point. If you … enjoy unique soundscapes and playable textures, do yourself a favor and check out Veevum… from Audiofier!

5 / 5

This bundle was an absolute gem to experiment with, particularly for its versatility and customisable sound palette. Although advertised for Ambient Cinematic style we feel it would also be a great soundscape for video games or even a nice layer in many different musical styles.

, APD Review

Watch VEEVUM ONE In Action

Let’s recap


100 Sound Sources.

50+ Snapshots.

Sounds categories, specific for each instrument.

Randomizable Cells.


Step Volume.

Step Filter. Ornamento.

Random FX (Convolution and Pitch)


And more…


Convolver with unique IRs

Pitch LFO and Volume AHDSR (per sound for per patch)

Master Delay, Phaser, Rotator, Chorus, Reverb.

Stereo Widener.

Portamento (All or Over 100 velocity)

8 Voices Unison

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