Rainy Sounds Generator



FORMAT: Kontakt Library (5.8.1 or above)

SIZE: 2.5Gb Ncw Compressed

FILES: 2300+ Audio Samples

Requires Kontakt's full retail version. It will not work with the free Kontakt Player

Sounds And Presets Installation requires PULSE DOWNLOADER


Ekorain is an unique ambient/cinematic instrument which produces beautiful and delicate embellishment we call EKOS

Ekorain generates ornaments and spurious notes that complement your melodies. The speed and occurrence of these EKOS can be controlled via CC so that it can be sounding like a choir of gentle raindrops, or a flood of musical beauty.

5 / 5

Based on a relatively simple but terribly effective principle, a marvel!

Pierre Esteve, KR Home Studio (March/April 22)

Unique Sound Generation

At the heart of Ekorain there are 2 Sound Sources Layers which will perform the generated EKOS. The sounds have been sampled mainly from acoustic instruments but also from analog/digital Synths which have been specifically selected in order to beautifully marry the more organic recordings.

EKOS Behaviours

The way the EKOS are generated and performed can be totally controlled by the user. The unique speed control via CC enables the user to manipulate in real time the amount and speed of the generated EKOS, producing gorgeous and unique effects of “time and space musicality.”

Convolver and Random Effects

Ekorain includes the ever present Convolver with unique Impulse Responses which dramatically change the sounds characteristics.

More features

Ekorain also includes a Pitch Envelope control that can affect each Eko is different and creative ways

Ekorain’s scale manager (with 4 user selected scales recallable via key switch) ensures that all generated Ekos, while following the intervals set by the user, will never be out of key.

Pad Layer

Ekorain also includes a third layer which offers pad types of sound sources, which will complement the generated Ekos in specific music situations in which a thicker sound is required. Movement can be applied to the Pad Layer by turning on the Pad Step Volume, which includes Sequence presets and can also be randomised.


Ekorain sports an arpeggiator which can be used in conjunction with the Ekos effect. The arpeggiator includes all the usual suspect, but produces an exquisite aura of sound when the Ekos become embellishment of the arpeggiated notes at lower arpeggio rates.

Midi Drag & Drop

All Ekorain’s generated notes can be captured and exported via Midi Drag & Drop so you can use them with a different instrument on a different track.

Watch EKORAIN In Action

Let’s recap


95 Sound Sources in 5 categories:

Organic, Physical Modeling, Granular, Analog Synth, Effected 35 Pads Sound sources

100+ Snapshots.


Ekos generation.


Scale Manager with 4 Scales Key Switches

Pad Layer

Step Volume Fx

Sound Randomiser with Undo/Redo

Midi Drag & Drop of Generated midi notes


Convolver with unique IRs

Pitch Envelope with several behaviours.

Random Panner.

Pad Freeze effect of last notes performed.

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