Modus & Forma -Ambient Electric

Modus & Forma -Ambient Electric

Playable Ambient/Cinematic Guitar



FORMAT: Kontakt Library (5.8.1 or above)

SIZE: 3.8Gb Ncw Compressed

FILES: 4549 Audio Samples

Requires Kontakt's full retail version. It will not work with the free Kontakt Player

Sounds And Presets Installation requires PULSE DOWNLOADER


Your New Playable Ambient, Cinematic Electric Guitar

Your Go-To Guitar for

Lush Arpeggios
Shimmering Riffs
Emotional Melodies
At your fingertips

A Universe of Sounds

Modus & Forma – Ambient Electric is extremely versatile thanks to the wealth of articulations, layers and effects included in one single instrument.

Ready To Explore?

Modus & Forma Ambient Electric does not include only one guitar, nor two!
It includes 12 different guitar models all of which have up to 5 pick up configurations.
Each model offers 14 articulations for maximum expressivity.
And when it comes to amps, Modus & Forma Ambient Electric is not short of resources:
14 clean Amps
4 Crunch Amps

D.I. option included also.

Tame your music.

Modus & Forma – Ambient Electric includes multi-velocity, round-robin multi-samples of all frets on all strings of the guitar and a capo selector to choose the ideal fret position to play. You can do this manually via key switches or let the instrument choose the best fret position.

All essential articulations included, plus more

Sustain, Hammer-on, Pull Off, Slide Up, Slide Down, Slanted Picking, Fingers, Harmonics, Bridge Picking, Rakes, Trills with variable speed, real Vibrato with variable speed, Bar Effect, Whammy Vibrato with variable speed.

Authentic Arpeggios

Modus & Forma (Ambient Electric) also offers two arpeggio modes: The simple arpeggio mode with 30 factory presets. Or the advanced arpeggio mode, which allows fingerpicking patterns, preset importing and exporting and randomisation. With both arpeggio modes, play a chord fingering with your left hand, and trigger the arpeggio mode via a key switch. Modus & Forma (Ambient Electric) will recognise and translate the chord to the most appropriate guitar fingering according to the desired fret position.

Fulfil your strumming needs.

Similarly, Modus & Forma (Ambient Electric) includes a strumming engine with the same chord recognition feature to produce realistic-sounding guitar strumming progressions.

Modus & Forma (Ambient Electric) includes hundreds of chord shapes and fingering already, but you can add your chord shapes and voicings and recall them in any project using the chord import/export feature.

Not just guitars

Modus & Forma (Ambient Electric) not only includes electric guitar samples but offers five additional layers to create full, rich and emotional sounds.

  • A reverse layer with adjustable samples-start, reverb and delay.
  • A pad layer with 18 pad sounds generated from guitar sound sources.
  • A granules layer with lush convolution reverb.
  • An Ekos layer, taken from our best-selling Ekorain library, which produces stunning pitched echoes and harmonic beauty.

Effects that Matter

Essentials & More

And talking about effects, Modus & Forma – Ambient Electric hosts:

a compressor,

a modulation pane with Chorus, Flanger, Phaser and Rotator,

a Convolution reverb with many impulses responses specifically prepared for guitars,

a shimmer layer with 18 authentic multi-sampled shimmer sounds,

a master reverb and master delay effect.

Animate Me

7 Step Effects to animate Volume,

Filter Cut-off and Resonance,

Convolution amount,


Shimmer volume

Pads volume

with 30 factory presets.

Arpeggiate it

And if that was not enough, there is also an arpeggiator which will preserve hammer-on and pull-offs when the fret position requires it.

Randomise it

You can randomise each page individually, whether it is just the guitar type and settings, the amps or the effects, the step effects or the layers. But also, on the randomisation page, you can also create entirely new sounds by setting randomisation rules. Or let the engine create new sounds by choosing the basic, medium or extreme modes achieving sounds that are from sparkling clean to heavily effected, cinematic evolving, and anything beyond and in between.

Mix it

Finally, to take control of all this goodness, we have included a mixer page where all volume, pan and essential effects for each layer are adjustable at a glance.

Hear Modus & Forma – Ambient Electric

Watch Modus & Forma – Ambient Electric In Action

Short Overview

Relaxed Walk-through

Features Showcase

Dawcast and Tips: Fusion Guitar Solo

Manual Arpeggio Programming Tips

Live Chords Detection Tips

The Rush Chord and other Workflow Tips

Let’s recap


12 guitar Models

Up to 5 pick-up selections per guitar model

14 Clean Amp models

4 Crunch Amp models

Reverse layer

Pads layer (with a choice of 18 Pads)

Granules Layer

Ekos layer


Simple Arpeggio

Advanced Arpeggio


Strum up and Down

Classic Arpeggiator

Key/Scale Manager




Modulation effects

Master Reverb and Delay


Shimmer (with 18 shimmer types)

7 Step effects

Want to learn all Modus&Forma’s features?

Here is the User Manual

ModusEtForma User Manual

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